Day: February 6, 2018

CBD, cannabidiol, is fast becoming a popular supplement that has anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to provide assistance for previously untreatable diseases. Some of the benefits include helping to fight against irritable bowel diseases, cancer, and improving schizophrenia symptoms. It has also proven beneficial to help prevent epileptic seizures, reducing anxiety, relieving pain, relieving nausea, controlling an incidence of diabetes, promoting a healthy heart, treating depression, protecting against harmful bacteria, promoting bone growth, providing treatment for acne, and much much more.

CBD is simply one of the more than 80 cannabinoids that are a natural compound found in the marijuana plant. Delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD are the two primary active compounds that you will find in the cannabis plant. These two compounds are the most studied and recognized of all of the marijuana plants compounds. CBD, unlike THC, will not produce psychoactive effects and it will provide a natural protection against a marijuana high.

One of the areas that many scientists are looking into, in regards to CBD oil for dogs, is its ability to fight against cancer. CBD provides an antitumor effect which could help to improve standard cancer treatments. It has been known to successively stop cancer cells from forming in a variety of cervical cancer cells. It also has shown to be beneficial for increasing the tumor cell death in colon cancer and leukemia. As an antitumor agent, CBD has shown to decrease human glioma invasion and cell growth.

The direct antitumor effects have the ability to improve the effectiveness of many conventional antitumor drugs and it is especially useful as a treatment for reducing pain. There is a hope that CBD may be a promising tool in combination therapy for prostate and breast cancer. CBD will decrease a cancer cells ability to produce energy which will lead to its death. It also could help to kill cancer cells because of the lymphokine activated killer cells.

The bottom line, besides helping with cancer, is that CBD reduces autoimmunity and inflammation and therefore it is an excellent therapeutic agent for a variety of pain associated disorders and inflammatory issues.